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Do You Have Sports-Related Back Pain? Know When to Call a Doctor

Sports are good for your health and your body. However, sports can also put a strain on your body, especially your back. About 20% of all sports injuries involve the lower back or neck.

Fortunately, at Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine, located in Kenosha and Franklin, Wisconsin, board-certified interventional pain management specialist Cyril Philip, MD, has years of training and experience in diagnosing back pain and treating sports-related back injuries. 

Once he’s determined the cause of your pain, he develops effective individualized treatment plans that focus on minimally invasive procedures and non-opioid medications aimed at getting you back to the court, field, or trail. 

Here, Dr. Philip shares what you need to know about sport-related back injuries, home remedies, and when to call your doctor. 

When sports hurts

Playing sports has numerous benefits, including weight maintenance, muscle development, socialization, balance, and fun! However, moving hard and fast can cause muscle strain or worse. Common causes of sports-related back injuries include:

Many people think they should play through the pain; however, pain is a signal to slow down and rest. Playing while injured can intensify the injury. 

Home remedies to treat sports-related back pain

In addition to taking a break from your sport, there are other ways to reduce your pain and strengthen your back. These include:

You should call your doctor if these treatments don’t do the trick.

When it is time to call a doctor

Fortunately, there are a variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments that Dr. Philip can offer to get you back to your active lifestyle. It’s time to call a medical professional when:

If you’re experiencing back pain from overdoing it on the field or court or a sports injury, make an appointment with Dr. Philip at Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine for an effective treatment plan that gets you back in the game. You can also request an appointment online.

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