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Personal Injury Specialist

Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine

Cyril Philip, MD

Interventional Pain Management & Spine Specialist located in Lake Geneva, WI & Kenosha, WI

After unexpectedly incurring an injury at work or in an accident, your insurance company or your employer’s insurance company may request a personal injury assessment or independent medical examination (IME). At Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine in Kenosha and Franklin, Wisconsin, Cyril Philip, MD, provides in-depth assessments and detailed, impartial reports on your injuries and health. To set up your appointment, call Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine or request an appointment online today.

Personal Injury Q & A

What is personal injury?

A personal injury is an injury that happens because of purported negligence, carelessness, or ill intent. It can happen at your own fault or someone else’s, and an in-depth medical assessment helps you, your lawyer, your employer, and anyone else involved find out more about the circumstances.

Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine offers personal injury assessments for injuries that happen on the job and in accidents, including car accidents. Dr. Philip comes from a neutral standpoint and reports the facts about your wellness after the incident. He uses his in-depth medical knowledge to record pertinent information about any injuries you incurred from the case. 

When should I consider booking a personal injury assessment?

There are many incidents where a personal injury assessment is necessary. The results of your personal injury assessment are relevant for claims with your car insurance or worker’s compensation:

Work injuries

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that your employer has. If you sustain an injury at work or get sick because of the conditions at your occupation, workers’ compensation covers your lost wages and pays for the treatments you need. An independent medical examination (IME) with Dr. Philip can settle any disputes with regard to your work injury case. 

Car accident injuries

An independent medical examination can also be useful in car accident cases, no matter who is at fault. You may need to get an IME to file a claim under your personal injury protection insurance coverage, or if you’re the plaintiff in a case and need to show that the car accident caused your injuries. 

What happens during a personal injury assessment?

At Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine, Dr. Philip receives any documents that are relevant in your personal injury case. He asks you for your medical history and performs a general physical examination, recording his findings along the way. He might also ask you to take part in various tests, including relevant tests for your strength or range of motion. 

You’ll need to answer a series of questions over the course of your appointment so Dr. Philip gets as much information as he needs to report accurate information. He may ask questions about:

  • Any prior diseases or disabilities
  • Any treatments you’ve already received
  • The results of any prior examinations
  • Ways in which your injury restricts you

Once the examination is complete, Dr. Philip writes down detailed conclusions and opinions. These go to any involved attorneys and insurance companies in the case, and you’ll get a copy, too.

If you need an impartial personal injury assessment, call Midwest Sports and Interventional Spine or request an appointment online today.